Technology Solutions

Gone are the days when having a person man a  post would suffice for true security. Clients have and are demanding that their providers bring something to the table that will enhance the function of the personnel on site, and also add a level of benefit to them as clients. Clients have also required that whatever technology is implemented does not further complicate their already busy days, and does not break the bank.

All those concerns were taken into consideration when the formation of Prime Security Service was formed. We asked ourselves what technologies we could implement that would make our officer’s more productive, keep our clients informed and does not infringe on an already lean budget. The good news was that we did not need to reinvent the wheel. Many large firms consider such technologies add-ons and deliberately profit excessively from these “Mark-ups.” We do not see these technologies as add-ons, we see them as essential tools needed for the proper evolution of the security industry. Tools that will enhance the performance of the assigned officer and at the same time give the client an additional resource to make his or her job easier. For those reasons we have pledged never to profit from these devices but to share the actual cost with our clients as we see it as mutually beneficial to both parties.

Instant Incident Reporting

Nothing is better for a Client or company to instantly be notified via their mobile device or computer of an incident that might have occurred when he or she was off premises. The TrackForce platform eliminates all surprises and gives management an accurate, grammatically correct, time sensitive document to either correct an immediate situation, or establish a digital or paper trail for decisive future actions.

Officer on Post Verfication

Every Client should have the peace of mind to know that their facility is staffed with an alert officer at the times they are being paid to be there. Too many times clients are too occupied with ensuring this. We at Prime Security sees this as our responsibility, and TrackForce allows us to do this with accurate GPS updates on the officer’s location, if he or she is active or not, instant time tracking, and GEO fencing. The latter immediately notifies the company should an officer vacates his or her post. For those clients who still feel the need to monitor the officers themselves, they can be given access to this.

Visitor and Package Verification

TrackForce has made the front desk, gatehouse or doorman position much more than a greeter. Resident and facility administrators can now expect to be given that Luxury notification service when a guest arrives, or for that important delivery they have been expecting. This is particularly important for client’s who might want to use the data collected to allocate resources at the most needed times.

Effective Patrols

Officers are equipped with a handheld device that guides them in an assign sequence of tours, guaranteeing that key, sensitive areas of any facility are being patrolled. It also gives them tasks prompts assigned by the company or client, e.g. turn on an exterior light, make sure laundry doors are closed, back gates are down etc. Complete accurate tours are guaranteed since management and supervisors will be notified should any part of the tour is missed. Tours are changeable as the clients’ needs dictates. Please check out an actual visual demo of the product by using the link below.