Prime Security Service is committed to its clients.  With over 20 years of service our clients are aware and understand that security is much more than the company’s name on the patch, but the people that wear the uniforms and those that lead them.  For these reasons officers and clients have relied on the expertise and guidance of Prime’s Leadership Team in providing top notch security service and support.

We at Prime Security Service see ourselves as part of the community we intend to serve. Our officers are drawn from these surrounding communities, and we take pride in giving back to the community through the employment of its residents. Our size affords the ability to react quicker and more decisive to our client’s demands; an attribute that is typically lacking in many larger firms.

As a ground level organization, all new officers have the opportunity to grow and become an integral part of a company that actually care about them and their communities. We see this as the key to our company’s success and client longevity. We will never put profits over our employees, this in turns guarantees a longer tenured officer and a satisfied client, elements that are essential to the success of any business.

With our office being centrally located in the historic city of Newark, New Jersey, we are perfectly set to be pound for pound one of the most vibrant and dynamic security service providers around. With a wealth of security veterans and subject matter experts, there is no type of security service that cannot be provided by Prime Security.

Our expertise includes leaders in the Educational Security Sector, Canine Patrol, Armed Patrol Officers, Concierge and Doorpersons, Gated Communities, Factories and Warehouses, Low Income Residential and Mobile Patrols. We at Prime Security understands that no two clients are alike, and for that reason, we evaluate, recommend and implement strategies unique to each prospect.  Each proposal is tailored to a specific client, to ensure the maximum outcome of services contracted.